Show and Tell

There are two parts to ‘sharing’:

  1. Each child shares information about their item at circle time (language development)
  2. During free play with their friends; children will enjoy playing with the toys they bring (social development).

Children often find nature items as the seasons change. Such items can be brought to preschool at anytime, and these ‘sharing’ items can be included in Show and Tell.

Your child can bring one item from home to ‘share’ on their day. The schedule shows the day for your child to bring his/her show and tell to the preschool. Please ensure that your child brings only one item on their day. This schedule will help make show and tell a fun and positive experience for all the children. If your child forgets to bring show & tell on their day, please check with us to see if the next day could accommodate an extra show & tell person. Any questions, just ask Joanna or Julie.

No superheroes please or any items that have any relationship to violence. Toys that include small pieces are not recommended, as such pieces are easily lost in the playroom; also breakable keepsakes are not recommended.